List videos

The "List Videos" endpoint allows you to retrieve all the videos associated with your account using the PandaVideo API. By making a GET request to the specified URL (, you can fetch a list of videos based on different criteria.

To filter the videos, you can use query parameters such as root_folder, page, limit, title, status, and folder_id. For example, setting root_folder to 1 will only return videos from the root folder. You can also paginate through the results by specifying the page parameter and control the number of videos per page using the limit parameter. Additionally, you can filter videos based on their title, status, or folder ID by providing the corresponding query parameters.

root_folderint32Set the value to 1 to return only videos from the root folder.
pageint32Page number of the results (optional).
limitint32Maximum number of videos to be returned per page (optional).
titlestringFilter videos by title (optional).
statusstringFilter videos by status (optional).
folder_idstringFilter videos by folder ID (optional).



  • 200: Success. Returns all videos in the account.
  • 400: Bad request. Check the provided parameters.
  • 401: Unauthorized. Authentication failed or not provided.
  • 404: Not found. Videos or the API were not found.
  • 500: Internal server error. Please try again later.

By utilizing the "List Videos" enpoint, you can efficiently retrieve and manage video data associated with your PandaVideo account programmatically.


The Recipes section provides a collection of code examples and sample implementations to help you understand and use the API effectively. Each recipe includes commented code that explains the purpose and functionality of each line. You can refer to these recipes as a guide to implement specific features or interact with the API endpoints.

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