Retrieve Mind Map, Abstract, or Questions related to a specific video from PandaVideo's.


This endpoint enables users to fetch additional AI-generated content like Mind Maps, Abstracts, or Questions specifically related to a video. It requires the {pullzone_name} and {video_external_id} parameters to locate the desired video's content.


This endpoint retrieves AI-generated content, including Mind Maps, Abstracts, or Questions, associated with a specific video from the configuration server. It requires the specified pullzone_name and video_external_id to retrieve the relevant data.

Retrieving Video External ID and Pullzone Name

To acquire the video_external_id and pullzone_name needed for the Get MINDMAP, ABSTRACT, or QUESTIONS endpoint, you can utilize the Get video properties endpoint available at PandaVideo API - Get a Video.

Request Details

Upon making a request to retrieve video properties using the Get video properties endpoint, the server responds with a JSON containing various parameters, including the following relevant values:

  • video_external_id: Identifies the video externally within PandaVideo's system.
  • pullzone_name: Specifies the pull zone name associated with the video.
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