Create AI Package

Retrieve information about AI workflow tasks related to videos in PandaVideo



The Create AI Package endpoint enables users to compile a comprehensive AI package with multiple functionalities, such as mind map generation, abstract creation, and quiz question generation. By providing the necessary parameters (video_id, from_lang, to_lang), this endpoint orchestrates various AI workflows, generating diverse content types that include mind maps, abstracts, and quiz questions tailored to the specified video content.

Query Parameters

video_idstringVideo ID for AI content generation
from_langstringOriginal language of the video content




  • 200: Success. AI package created with mind maps, abstracts, and quiz questions.
  • 400: Bad request. Verify the provided parameters.
  • 401: Unauthorized. Authentication failed or not provided.
  • 404: Not found.
  • 500: Internal server error. Please try again later.


Send a POST request to this endpoint, including the video_id, from_lang, and to_lang parameters to generate an AI package encompassing mind maps, abstracts, and quiz questions tailored to the specified video content. The AI workflows will process the video content, creating diverse supplementary materials, enhancing comprehension, and engaging the audience.


The Create AI Package endpoint orchestrates a collection of AI workflows to generate a comprehensive package of supplementary content associated with a specific video. This includes mind maps summarizing key concepts, abstracts condensing content, and quiz questions for knowledge assessment. It leverages AI technologies to provide enriched learning materials in multiple languages, promoting accessibility and engagement.


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