Download video

The "Download video" endpoint allows you to initiate the download of a specific video. By making a POST request to the specified URL ({video_id}/download) and providing the video ID in the path parameters, you can initiate the download process for the desired video.

To access the endpoint, you need to provide the necessary authentication in the headers using the "Authorization" field with the value "API_KEY".



  • 200: Success. The download process was initiated successfully.
  • 400: Bad request. Check the provided parameters or syntax.

By utilizing the "Download video" endpoint, you can programmatically initiate the download of a specific video from the PandaVideo system.


The Recipes section provides a collection of code examples and sample implementations to help you understand and use the API effectively. Each recipe includes commented code that explains the purpose and functionality of each line. You can refer to these recipes as a guide to implement specific features or interact with the API endpoints.

Front-End Video Download Example

This project provides an example of how to enable direct video downloads from the front-end using JavaScript. It showcases a simple HTML page with a button that triggers the video download process when clicked.

Example Repository

To see a practical implementation and usage of front-end video downloading, click here to visit the example repository. This repository contains the code and instructions to demonstrate how to perform direct video downloads from the front-end using JavaScript.


Before running the code, make sure you have the following:

  • API key from the video hosting service (replace 'API_KEY' in the code with your actual API key)
  • Video ID of the desired video (replace 'VIDEO_ID' in the code with the actual video ID)
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