Upload video directly (single request)

Tusd protocol for uploading to our servers


Headers paramsTypeDescription
Tus-ResumableStringThe Tus-Resumable header MUST be included in every request and response with value 1.0.0
Upload-LengthNumberThe Upload-Length header indicates the size of the entire upload in bytes.
Upload-MetadataStringThe Upload-Metadata request and response header MUST consist of one or more comma-separated key-value pairs. The key and value MUST be separated by a space. The key MUST NOT contain spaces and commas and MUST NOT be empty.

The key SHOULD be ASCII encoded and the value MUST be Base64 encoded.

All keys MUST be unique. In these cases, the space, which would normally separate the key and the value, MAY be left out.

Possible values:

authorization (your api key, don't forget base64 encode all values)
folder_id (optional, only if you want to upload inside of the folder )
filename (file name)
video_id (uuid v4, optional)

Usage example available in our github


Uploader URL

You must notify the endpoint URL here is different from the other ones. This is because you're interacting with the upload server. It's important to notice this because we have many servers across the globe. The list Uploader Servers must be verified.

Please check tus protocol documentation.

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