Get Credits History

Retrieve credit transaction history within a specified time frame.




start_datestringStart date of the time frame (YYYY-MM-DD)
end_datestringEnd date of the time frame (YYYY-MM-DD)




  • 200: Success. A list of credit transactions within the specified time frame.
  • 400: Bad request. Check the provided parameters.
  • 401: Unauthorized. Authentication failed or not provided.
  • 404: Not found.
  • 500: Internal server error. Please try again later.



Response Structure

The response consists of a list of credit transactions (history) and the current balance (balance). Each transaction includes the following details:

  • id: Unique identifier of the transaction.
  • type: Transaction type (SUB for credit usage, ADD for purchasing credits, etc.).
  • status: Current status of the transaction (e.g., COMPLETED, REFUNDED).
  • amount: The amount of credits used or purchased.
  • created_at: Timestamp of the transaction.
  • video: Details of the associated video, if applicable.
  • description: Description of the transaction.
  • external_transaction_id: Identifier for the transaction from an external system, if applicable.

The type field indicates the nature of the transaction:

  • SUB: Indicates a deduction of credits, such as for services used.
  • ADD: Indicates an addition of credits to the account, typically from purchasing more credits.
  • Other types may be present depending on the system's support for different transactions.

The status field provides information on the transaction's current state, such as COMPLETED for successfully finalized transactions or REFUNDED for transactions that have been reversed.


  • The response provides a comprehensive overview of credit transactions within the specified time frame, allowing users to track their credit usage and purchases.
  • The balance field indicates the current credit balance, enabling users to manage their account effectively.
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