Check if watermark is active

To check if the watermark is active, you can make a GET request to the endpoint provided ( This endpoint will return the status of the DRM (Digital Rights Management) feature, indicating whether the watermark is enabled or disabled.



  • 200: Success. The response status will indicate if the DRM is enabled (true) or disabled (false).
  • 400: Bad request. Check the provided parameters or syntax.

By checking the status of the DRM, you can determine if the watermark is active for your videos. If the response status is true, it means the watermark is enabled. If the response status is false, it means the watermark is disabled.

You can use this information to implement conditional logic in your application or system based on the status of the watermark.


The Recipes section provides a collection of code examples and sample implementations to help you understand and use the API effectively. Each recipe includes commented code that explains the purpose and functionality of each line. You can refer to these recipes as a guide to implement specific features or interact with the API endpoints.

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