Upload video from external url


Websocket URL

The endpoint returns a websocket url. If you need to track the progress, just connect via websocket on the endpoint

The "Upload video from external URL" endpoint allows you to upload a video to the PandaVideo platform from an external URL. By making a POST request to the specified URL (https://import.pandavideo.com:9443/videos) and providing the necessary parameters in the request body, you can initiate the upload process.

To access the endpoint, you need to provide the necessary authentication in the headers using the "Authorization" field with the value "API_KEY".

The request body should include the following parameters:

folder_idstringThe ID of the folder where you want to upload the video.
video_idstringThe ID of the video.
titlestringThe title of the video.
descriptionstringThe description of the video.
urlstringThe URL of the video file. Make sure the URL points to a video file hosted in the cloud.
sizestringThe file size of the video in bytes.


We can only accept URLs that are hosted in the cloud. This means that any links that are hosted on local servers or personal computers will not be allowed. (We also accept urls from vimeo)



  • 200: Success. The video upload process was initiated successfully.
  • 400: Bad request. Check the provided parameters or syntax.
  • 401: Unauthorized. Make sure you provide a valid API key in the request headers.

By utilizing the "Upload video from external URL" endpoint, you can programmatically upload videos to the PandaVideo platform from external sources. Please note that only URLs pointing to video files hosted in the cloud are supported.


The Recipes section provides a collection of code examples and sample implementations to help you understand and use the API effectively. Each recipe includes commented code that explains the purpose and functionality of each line. You can refer to these recipes as a guide to implement specific features or interact with the API endpoints.

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