Create AI Subtitles

Generate subtitle in different languages for the video



The Generate Subtitles Endpoint allows users to leverage artificial intelligence for creating subtitles tailored to specific videos. By supplying the video_id and from_lang parameters, this endpoint utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to generate accurate subtitles in the desired language. Users can seamlessly integrate these subtitles into their video content, enhancing accessibility and accommodating diverse audiences across various linguistic backgrounds.

Query Parameters

video_idstringVideo ID to generate the subtitles
from_langstringLanguage to generate the subtitle




  • 200: Success. .
  • 400: Bad request. Check the provided parameters.
  • 401: Unauthorized. Authentication failed or not provided.
  • 404: Not found.
  • 500: Internal server error. Please try again later.


Make a POST request to this endpoint with the video_id and from_lang parameters to receive generated subtitles in the specified language. The AI-powered system will process the video content and produce accurate subtitles for the selected language.


This endpoint retrieves a list of AI workflow tasks associated with a specific video. It provides details such as task ID, organization ID, video ID, task status, task type (e.g., transcription, dubbing), metadata related to the task, creation timestamp, and update timestamp.


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