Query Params

Some Params to your video

Query Params

These are the query parameters that can be used to set configurations for a specific video.

UUID Params

Table for "UUID" type query params - UUID (Universally Unique Identifier) is a 128-bit identifier used to uniquely identify resources. The table lists the UUID query params available for setting specific configs to the player.

*vUUIDnoneVideo ID
lUUIDnoneLibrary ID

String Params

Table for "String" type query params - The table lists the String type query params that can be used to configure the player, such as color, controlsColor, and title.

colorString# 4874F1The primary color of the player
controlsColorString# FFFThe color of controls and menus
titleString-Video title
controlsStringplay-large,play,progress,current-time, volume,captions,settings,pip,cast,fullscreen,airplay, rewind,fast-forwardA list of enabled controls
thumbnailStringauto generatedThumbnail URL
pauseThumbnailStringgenerated on the frame it was paused onThumbnail URL (pause)
endThumbnailStringlast frame of videoThumbnail URL (end)
watermarkString-The watermark that appears on the video
drm_group_idString-Force use a watermark group
mutedIndicatorTextTopString-Muted indicator text that appears at the top
mutedIndicatorTextBottomString-Muted indicator text that appears at the bottom
saveProgressTitleString'Você já começou a assistir esse vídeo'Title of the save progress page
saveProgressButton1TitleString'Continuar assistindo'Title of the first button on the save progress page
saveProgressButton2TitleString'Voltar ao início'Title of the second button on the save progress page

String Params example usage:


Boolean Params

Table for "Boolean" type query params - Boolean values are either true or false. The table lists the Boolean type query params available for setting configs like autoplay and muted.

autoplayBooleanfalseAutoplay on load
mutedBooleanfalseVideo init on muted mode
saveProgressBooleantrueSave video watch progress
preloadBooleantrueHLS preload enabled
mutedIndicatorIconBooleanfalseMuted indicator is enabled
alternativeProgressBooleanfalseFictitious progress bar
hideControlsOnStartBooleanfalseHide controls before play
restartAfterEndBooleanfalseRestart at the end
troubleshootDialogBooleantrueRight click
disableForwardBooleanfalseDisable click to advance or go back
playOpensFullscreenBooleanfalsePlay opens in full screen
smartAutoplayBooleanfalseIf true, the player will try to play with audio before showing the muted indicator


Difference between autoplay and smartAutoplay

The autoplay query param is used to automatically play a video on load, but with the muted indicator enabled. On the other hand, the smartAutoplay query param tries to play the video with audio before showing the muted indicator. If the video can be played with audio, it will run normally, but if not, the muted indicator configured for the player will be displayed. Therefore, smartAutoplay gives a better user experience as it attempts to play the video with audio before falling back to the muted indicator.

For SmartAutoPlay to work via parameter, AutoPlay must also be added.

Boolean Params example usage:


Number Params

Table for "Number" type query params - Number type query params are used to set numerical values, such as the font size for captions or the default video speed.

alternativeProgress2xLimitNumber20The limit in % that the progress bar will run at a different speed
alternativeProgressVelocityNumber5The speed of the progress bar
alternativeProgressHeightNumber0The height of the progress bar
saveProgressBackgroundOpacityNumber1Opacity of the save progress page background
captionsFontSizeNumber20Subtitles font size (px)
defaultSpeedNumber1Default video speed
startTimeNumber0Time in seconds that the video will start



0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.25, 1.5, 2

Number Params example usage:


More Usages

<iframe id="panda-player" src="https://player-vz-6a0bfc2c-30b.tv.pandavideo.com.br/embed/?v=13337fdb-db1c-436b-b888-4908c433feba&saveProgress=false&controls=play-large,progress"