Delete thumb

The "Delete Thumbnail" endpoint allows you to remove a thumbnail already added to a video in the PandaVideo system. By making a DELETE request to the specified URL (<THUMBNAIL_ID>) and passing the thumbnail ID as a parameter in the URL, you can delete a specific thumbnail from a video.

To delete a thumbnail, simply include the thumbnail ID in the URL path. You do not need to pass any body with the DELETE request.

To access the endpoint, you must provide the necessary authentication in the headers using the "Authorization" field with the value "API_KEY".



  • 200: Success. The thumbnail was deleted successfully.
  • 400: Bad request. Check the provided parameters.
  • 401: Unauthorized. Authentication failed or not provided.
  • 404: Not found. The thumbnail to be deleted could not be found.
  • 500: Internal server error. Please try again later.

By utilizing the "Delete Thumbnail" endpoint, you can programmatically remove thumbnails from videos in the PandaVideo system, ensuring that your video content always has the most appropriate and up-to-date visual representation.


The Recipes section provides a collection of code examples and sample implementations to help you understand and use the API effectively. Each recipe includes commented code that explains the purpose and functionality of each line. You can refer to these recipes as a guide to implement specific features or interact with the API endpoints.

In this context, recipes could demonstrate how to authenticate and make a DELETE request to remove a thumbnail from a video, handling responses to ensure the thumbnail has been successfully deleted, and error handling to manage cases where the thumbnail could not be found or the request failed for other reasons.

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